Casa Aguila will arguably be the most advanced home ever built in San Diego County, looking to achieve many firsts for our region. It will be San Diego's first Certified Passive House, seek the County's first onsite wastewater treatment permit, seek the County's first permit to utilize all collected rainwater for all indoor water use, and strive for eventual grid-disconnection through utilization of battery power, Solar PV, and a 45-foot wind turbine (the blades alone are 17 feet tall!).

The project is located in Ramona, CA and is named for the Golden Eagles which frequently fly over the property.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome to our latest Project Partner, CertainTeed

We just had all of our CertainTeed "AirRenew" Drywall delivered to the jobsite, ready to be installed after we completed insulating and then installation of bioPCM.  We are excited to have CertainTeed come on board as Project Partners, and this will be our first opportunity to utilize AirRenew drywall in a project.

The AirRenew® family of products are the only gypsum boards that actively clean  the air. They feature the industry’s first formaldehyde-absorbing technology which actively removes formaldehyde from the air, converting it into a safe, inert compound, improving indoor air quality for generations

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blower Door Success!

Congratulations to Jesse Heilig, our Site Supervisor / Project Manager, for obliterating his target of 354 cfm @ 50-pascals of air leakage (depressurization) prior to insulation stage. He measured at 148 cfm, that represents just over 0.25 ACH (Air Changed Per Hour) and our max threshold for Passive House is 0.6 ACH. We bet there isn't better air sealed home in all of San Diego County. Even for Passive House, this is an extraordinary outcome.   Thanks go  to one of our Project Partners, Prosoco, for providing us their R-Guard system for air-sealing the envelope.

On to insulation installation today!  And assuring nobody drills a hole in our envelope and messes up our future blower door test results.

The Record of Proof
AGB New Champion and Record Holder

Jesse setting up the Blower Door
Some Envelope Penetrations utilizing Prosoco R-Guard System

Current Photo at Casa Aguila
The Insulation Truck Arrival

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BioPCM: Live Installation & Presentation

Alliance Green Builders and Sustainability Matters are hosting an event that is a rare opportunity to see BioPCM (Phase Change Material) being installed in the wall & roof assemblies of Casa Aguila. BioPCM is produced by Phase Change Energy Solutions, and Sustainability Matters is the San Diego Distributor of the Material.  Both companies are Project Partners for Casa Aguila.

Please see our previous post on BioPCM to learn more about this remarkable way to dramatically reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings.


Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Beginnings

Here's a construction Timelapse from January through March 2015!