Casa Aguila will arguably be the most advanced home ever built in San Diego County, looking to achieve many firsts for our region. It will be San Diego's first Certified Passive House, seek the County's first onsite wastewater treatment permit, seek the County's first permit to utilize all collected rainwater for all indoor water use, and strive for eventual grid-disconnection through utilization of battery power, Solar PV, and a 45-foot wind turbine (the blades alone are 17 feet tall!).

The project is located in Ramona, CA and is named for the Golden Eagles which frequently fly over the property.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Installation

Today we craned in 3 dual-axis DEGER D-60 solar trackers, which will each hold 24 panels to create a 21.6 kW PV system. These trackers are huge - they measure about 27 feet across and 17 feet deep! They rotate on a dual-axis so they can detect the maximum point of light irradiance every day.

This chart shows the difference in yield from a dual-axis DEGER tracker vs. a standard fixed system (such as roof panel PV system) that doesn't follow the sun. 

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